Backup & Support Vehicles

Backup & Support Vehicles

Backup /Support Vehicle

Bike tour in Ladakh is one of the most adventurous one and at the same time difficult too because of the mountainous terrain with world’s highest passes to     crosses with all its rough roads and no population up to miles.

For expedition we have our dedicated support vehicles. We use only SUV like Mahindra Scorpio Gateway, Next Gen Scorpio, Bolerio pickup,Thar and Maruti Gypsy. They have proven themselves on expeditions in Manali Leh road and whole of Ladakh. They are remarkably capable and, so far, unfailingly reliable.Our dedicated fleet of support vehicles are equipped specifically for our expeditions. We do not just hire a local pick-up truck and rely on local drivers.

Our support drivers are the best available and have a wealth of real world experience in keeping motorcycles on the road on extended trips. With their motorcycle mechanical knowledge, their role is to assist you in keeping your motorcycle running throughout the trip and helping with repairs.  They Deal easily to keep your bikes on road.


Advantages of backup vehicle for your adventurous trip.

  • Each vehicle is provided with secure storage for fuel, water, a comprehensive tool kit, a range of spare parts and medical kit. So one can ride freely with no hesitation of keeping space for their luggage and spare parts on the bike
  • Sometimes serious damage to your bike requiring major parts, In such cases it gets loaded into the vehicle and carried to the nearest available town where we can source parts or have access to a full workshop.
  • Is it not necessary that all of you have to take a bike to join in the trip as you are not a good rider or any symptoms which stops you to ride, so u can easily join the group in our back up vehicle.```
  • While moving together with the bike one can take a good photo and videography of the group.
  • This is not for self-driven unlike bike, vehicle comes with local driver with a whole lot of local knowledge and it is an added advantage for the clients. And on early booking we serve a driver who got mechanical experience of bikes too to keep the bikes always on the road.
  • You can divide bikes and ride by turns by adding vehicle in your group.
  • Due to the bumpy and muddy roads over here in Ladakh most of the time pillion won’t feel comfortable during long rides, in that case he/she can be easily occupied in backup vehicle.
  • It can also provide transport for bikes and riders in case of any accident, illness or injury.