Tour Faq

Q How can i reach LADAKH or MANALI ?

Leh is connected to the major cities Like DeLhi, Jammu & Srinagar by Airways with all the major operators Like Air India ,Jet & Go Air Have their daily flights from Delhi whereas from Jammu & Srinagar they operate for two days in a week. And during Summer National Highways are also open both from Srinagar (April to November) and Manali(May to October) so one can also reach Leh by road.

Manali - Nearest airport falls in a city of Bunter (Kullu)which is about an hour drive from Manali and its connected with train also and the road remain open throughout the year for Manali and runs daily voivo bus from Delhi / Chandigarh.

Q Where I will meet the team.

We got two option for meet up either Hotel or LBR office. If any tour start from ourside Leh then we meet in Hotel itself . All detials will be in tour itinerary on which you signed

Q What is backup vehicle support ?

Backup Vehicle plays an important role in carrying client luggages , Bike spare parts & fuel etc. The vechiel also comes with some free seat for pillion usage in case if any one need more relax in 4 wheel drive.

Q Unfortunately if I have to Leave the tour in between.

Yes you can Leave the tour in between in case of any emergency but from us there will be no refund in such cases.

Q Is network connectivity falls throughout the tour ?

In all LBR running tour 80% of the palaces covered with network , Hard case you will away from network for max 2 days 

Q Can I travel in backup vehicle too ?

Yes you can comfortably travel in back up vehicle ,in case if you get sick, having pain or might little bit tired from riding.

Q Which document i have to carry?

You have to carry your driving Licence and a valid iD proof like voter id /Adhar card.

Q Is this tour safe in all round ?

Tour is totally safe for any one with fully backup vehicle support & team. Else you might stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Q Which kind of riding experience ?

Rider must have at least an experience of 2000 KMS ridden before

Q Health tips ?

Rider must be acclimatised for high altitude before tour and should be physically and mentally fit.

Q Which bike I will gone ride in this tour ?

You will ride Royal Enfieid 500cc / HIMALAYAN 

Q Atm availability ?

Atms are available only in Manali , Keylong and Leh

Q In case of road blockage due to land slide or huge water flow ?

in case of any road blockage due to some natural calamities which stuck our tour and stop us to go any further, So in case if there is any alternative route then we’ll follow that though we might have to cover more distance but it doesn’t matter , and if the blockage leave us with not a single option then tour leader will decide whether to stay or go back.

Q Bike with which side gear shift?

Bike with gear shift on left side

Q How about money exchange ?

You will get Money Exchange in Leh & Manali only

Q Can we use credit cards ?

No, only cash or account transfer is possible, Need 40% of the total amount in advance for book your tour & remaining 60% before departure.

Q How can I find you ?

You can find us at our Rental Studio - Ladakh Bike Rental, Housing Coloney, Near Doordarshan Leh.  MAP -

Q Is it necessary that I should be in the proper riding gear ?

Yes its necessary from safety point of view and its must comfortable in its own gears.

Q I read that foreign need some specal permit ?

Yes its necessary for all tourist (Inner Line Permit) and we will take care of it on day first.

Q What are the roads like ? 

You can expect the full range of riding conditions on Himalaya motorbike tours, off roads, river crossing, challenging pushing through mountain passes, best sealed roads & missing pieces of sealed roads too.  It’s all part of the adventure! Let us know whether you prefer riding on sealed roads, challenging trails or a combination of both. We will attempt to give you the level of adventure you are looking for, weather permitting! Please contact us if you have any questions.


Q Highways will be in ?

Its two line highway & maxium of our itinerary takes you through single line highway.