What So Special

Motorcycling in Ladakh provides such an experience which you never had before. Ladakh with all its challenging, dirt, rough and  plains roads along with breath-taking scenery from high mountains  makes it every biker destination for his/her best awarding motorcycling expedition and it is the place where u can test man V/S machine. And Yes Ladakh the only place for adventure biking tour over the high mountains where one can enjoy excellent joy ride coupled with the pleasure of enjoying views of vast beauty of the mountains and plateaus. Once up on the high mountain passes one really has the great feeling of being just on the top of the world. So why don’t come and enjoy the great fun of riding a bike on the highest peaks of the world that can reached on a motor bike. This exciting experience will leave you dreaming of a new life on the high roads and gives wide range of experiences that will challenge your riding skills and endurance level to ride high in the sky. 

In Short:

  • Ride in clean and dry air. 
  • Ride free with less traffic. 
  • Ride Through Indian Himalayan Mountains 
  • Ride high on the top of the world 
  • Meet Indian Himalayan Nomads 
  • Have some best off and on riding skills 
  • Camp in some of the best isolated palace 
  • Catch the age old Buddhist culture & tradition 
  • Have some of the best local cuisine 
  • Unique Landscape & Unbeatable scenery, some of the best on the planet.